The club first met in the Red Cross Tea Rooms at Parramatta in western Sydney on the 14th April 1981 and some of the original members are still active today. The prime mover in the founding of the club was a Chinese businessman, Poyna See Poy, who then owned a metal detecting shop called The Prospector’s Home in Macquarie St. Parramatta. All clubs begin as self interest groups, attracting like minded people, and inevitably friendships develop and strengthen. Over time the club developed it’s own peculiar characteristics and ethos and it wasn’t long before it took on weightier matters and was at the forefront of defending the rights of all prospectors in NSW.

The Prospectors Home Club was thrust into the fight in it’s early days along with the Sydney Electronic & Prospecting Club and the now defunct Hunter Valley Prospecting Club. Members of all three clubs became leading lights in the fight but many believe that Prospectors Home Club member, Leo Kinch, who wrote letters, lobbied politicians and attended numerous meetings was the real driving force that ensured we retained the right to prospect responsibly without being harassed and otherwise hampered and demonised by pressure groups.

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