The Club’s Western Australia Trip July 2012

27 Mar

The Club’s Western Australia Trip July 2012

Last year the Club was invited by the Minelab dealers at Mudgee, Nuggets From Down Under, to do some prospecting in Western Australia. The team from “Nuggets” organised the event and Club members enjoyed their hospitality at no cost to themselves. It was very generous of Kim, Linc and Steve from “Nuggets” to host the Club in this manner and all are grateful to them, I’m sure.

We found some good gold (is there any bad gold?) and had a very enjoyable time individually and as a group.

From memory there was about 30 in the group. We met up at Laverton and set off for a secret location travelling in a convoy of caravans that spread out for many kilometres. Here we are at a turnoff waiting on the tailenders to catch up.

WA Group

We set up a bush camp in a huge area and had a large fire every night where the usual lies and exaggerations were quickly on display. Kim and her team organised various entertainments most nights and were very generous in their attempts to help all do well.

Regrettably, I have few picture of the group, but my hope is that others will add their comments and pictures to this brief beginning of the great adventure that the WA Trip was.

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